What is our vison?

In the beginning our vision was to have branches of CC4U al around Netherlands & even the world but now that has changed, and we have realized that it’s not about us but about our message and values so instead of focusing on our own growth we want to invest our efforts and time in strengthening & empowering youth and youth workers and create partnerships that transcend boundaries & nationalities. Cause it does not matter how small or big you are or how much impact you have, the fact that you want to make a positive change is what truly counts. So hopefully in coming 15 years when we will be celebrating our 30th Birthday, we together with our partners will have initiated several (em)power plants around the globe that will connect and capacitate youth by equipping them with tools so that they can continue working on creating an equal, happy, healthy and just society.

“we have realized that it’s not about us but about our message”

Local & Cultural work
International activities